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To be more relaxed, focused and productive. To fall asleep better. Simply put, to calm down our busy minds.

This ear-picked playlist contains tranquil sounds were each of them attempts to keep overall similarity with the rest. Collected and designed to immerse you in an undisturbed listening experience and to discover new artists to chill to. Just press the play or shuffle button and enjoy.

How is the music chosen?

It's a selection of melodies trying to set a “la la” mood — a combination of relax and lullaby.

All is based on a gut feeling. Some tracks clicks immediately but usually before a song finds its place on the list I listen to it multiple times during many days – to some of them even for years – sometimes even under different weather conditions and seasons of the year, just to be sure it complements the rest.

(Non-)essential rules

  • Mostly positively soothing sounds
  • Usually classical, ambient, natural, white noise and lo-fi beats
  • Limited number of voices to reduce distraction
  • Low-speed (down)tempo (BPM)

Who is behind?

Created and curated by one guy, yet fuelled by countless artists and their wonderful songs found on SoundCloud.

Besides, the site runs on a free hosting plan by Netlify and the logotype is made of Leckerli One typeface. Also, due to the use of SoundCloud's Widget API, you might be interested in their cookie policy.

Please note that I'm not affiliated to any of the services above, nor to the artists and their work. They simply deserve all my respect, because this unwinding experiment wouldn't be otherwise possible — Thank you all.